2014 in Review

One hell of year, really.


Flew over 90,000km to visit Canada, New York, Oregon, California and Washington. Lost a phone, got drunk with a programmer and his pet Jack Russell in a bar in San Francisco, took a train from Montreal to Toronto, saw the Aurora Borealis in The Yukon, went dog sledding on a frozen river, dug a car out of snow in Oregon, and became one of 'those' people with a tattoo.

 I received my Masters in Photography from the AIPP, shot a few weddings, went to a couple too, saw The National play 4 times in 2 weeks, once at the Opera House (where I sang with Matt), froze my nips off at Splendour in the Grass, and was reminded just how great Something for Kate are at their 20 year tour. 8 hours of house of cards in one sitting (have you seen season 2?) 

My partner in crime and I moved from our homes of 20 years to our Favourite city in the country and set up a whole new life. 

We made new friends, connected again with old ones, and learnt how to make the perfect whiskey sour along the way.

So to mirror last year, here's my favourites of 2014:

Favourite iPhone photo of the year

John Day Fossil Bed

John Day Fossil Bed

Captured in light to die for, looking over the painted hills in central Oregon. A rock face built up over millennia. 

Favourite SLR photo of the year

W Houston Street, Manhattan 

W Houston Street, Manhattan 

Wandering the streets of SoHo, and having to wait for the perfect moment,  when the old guy paced past picking his nose, I knew I'd found it.

Album of the year

The Black Keys - Turn Blue 

The Black Keys - Turn Blue 

App of the year 

Manual   http://shootmanual.co

Manual http://shootmanual.co

Movie of the year

So what's on the ticket for this year?

A few goals so far 

  • Learn Danish level 1
  • Invest in stock
  • Read a book a month
  • Build a piece of furniture
  • Finally have my Lightroom Library organised 

Well, we can hope.