2018 in Review

I started last year’s review by saying ‘2017 was a year on fire. I couldn’t have crammed anymore into the last 12 months if I’d tried’ 

For some reason, I think my subconscious interpreted that as a challenge rather than a warning, and decided to run a 2018 marathon, as well. The year mainly revolved around the 12th of October, my wedding day. Not a day went by it seemed without some form of planning, discussion or task related to it. Thankfully it all worked out in the end, but it was totally all encompassing.

I achieved a lot of what I set out to do this year, the year of yes.

I said Yes to almost every shoot I was asked to quote on, and agreed to do just about everything that came my way outside of photography. It was enormously fulfilling, and as I wind things down for the Christmas break, I find myself truly tired.

Anyway, to the list.

Album of the year

Rufus Du Sol, Solace

This was a tricky one, as I didn’t listen to a lot of single albums, but found myself living on a diet of EDM playlists during my now daily 2+hr drives to and from shoots. Rufus was one of the rare exceptions that stood out as a great cohesive work.

Songs of the year

Diplo (feat. MØ) - Get it right

Batshit, Sofi Tukker

morgxn - home ft walk the moon

Movie of the Year 


A Quiet Place 

I don’t even like horror/suspense films. In fact I hate them, but this - this I loved.

Best Purchase 


Nikkor 70-200 f2.8E FL ED VR 

Aside from an obnoxious name, this lens is stupid good. The AF is lightning fast, it feels great to use, and one of the least talked about features, but one I adore is its ability to focus a full foot closer to the subject than the generation it replaced. My go to lens for at least 60% of my food and studio photography. A total winner.

Runner up: 


GITZO GT5543XLS Systematic Ser 5 4S XL Tripod

Huh, really is the year of bullshit names. Anyway, incredible tripod. I’m still reeling for having to pay for it, but it’s changed the way I shoot. This thing with the centre column goes above 9feet high, and its bloody wonderful. 

Best Game

Yeah, I really didn’t have time this year.

Best TV series 

I don’t watch TV very much, but I’m all for this series. It’s compelling, and whatever the director of photography gets paid, it’s not enough. In the latest series, the story of Cristina Martinez just further reenforces how great TV can be, blending art, political activism and hope.

Best Podcast


The Ground-up show with Matt D’avella 

Favourite Book 

Pulitzer Prize fiction winner, Less - Sean Greer. It’s about growing older, love, and the way it’s written made me smile a lot. Recommended,

Favourite Meal of the year


Yuzu Ice-Cream, Ginger Granita, Ginger Snaps - at Cheek Restaurant, Melbourne CBD

Best Moment of the year 


I got married!

For 2019, it’s another domestic year. Nose to the grindstone, and the year of refinement. It took all of 2018 to come to terms with the fact that my photography career has gone in a different direction to what I’d imagined, and as December comes to an end, I’m fully onboard with that new vision. 2019 is the year to take it and run with it.