Central Oregon (part 1)

Last year I had the opportunity to travel back to Oregon, and rack up some serious miles. 5500, in fact. I spent some time in one of the less commonly travelled areas of the Pacific Northwest, Central Oregon.


It's landscape that reminds me at times of South Australia, long endless roads and wide open pastures, in amongst barren hills and sun bleached rock. I was there in the summer, during a particularly bad wildfire season, which frequently turned the sky shades of ochre and orange, and dulled the intensity of the light. 


And with any trip to Oregon, the John Day Fossil beds (a suspiciously boring name) is a must-do. On this particular day the skies cleared and the sun would beating down. Traditionally you'd shoot the painted hills at dusk, to capture the warm orange light, but I think it went well anyway. 


It's times when I go through these images that I think it's high time I start offering art prints. More on that next time.