A nice problem to have

So with Apple’s release of new Macs, I find myself in an interesting position, deciding which (or even if) I need to upgrade my desktop computer. I’m currently sporting a 2008 Octo-core Mac Pro, with a 30” Cinema Display, which I’ll admit is no slow coach by any stretch, but;

The 8800GT card on board isn’t exactly the mustard cutter it once was, and applications like Aperture 3, Photoshop CS5 and my gaming (mainly TF2 admittedly) struggles to keep up on a the 30” display. Reading Marco Ament’s “iMac or Mac Pro?” post (here: http://www.marco.org/868606627 ) got me thinking about my own situation.

The new 27” Cinema display would be my ideal choice of display, long term but of course a 2008 Mac Pro doesn’t consider a Mini Display port, so that would also mean upgrading the video card. Those two upgrades alone are halfway towards a new 27” Quad Core iMac. In an ideal world I’d love to say I could settle for an iMac, but if there’s one thing I’ve found in the last 5 years of shooting, Hard Drive space can never be plentiful enough, fast enough, and easy enough to access. +1 for the Mac Pro’s 4 internal HDD bays.

So the decision is, do I look at a new 27” Cinema Display, with a new Video card, or just bite the bullet and grab a new iMac with a Drobo running under firewire 800?