Nikon Df

Huge Week


Four year anniversary with my gorgeous fiancee, so we dropped by Fox in the Corn in Footscray, a restaurant we'd been promising to visit for the last 3 years. Pasta and craft beer for dinner. (it was 42 degrees outside)



Someone in my neighbourhood dropped $420,600 minimum on this monstrosity. There's no accounting for taste. 


First time at the dentists office in 4 years. The good news - no cavities. The bad? My teeth have been ground down to the level of a 60yr old. Swings and roundabouts. 


It's January 22nd, but my neighbour is having none of it. Shine on you ridiculous diamond.


The first Broadsheet shoot of the new year. An awesome craft beer and grilled sandwich joint in Brunswick. It felt good to be under the pressure of time and expectations again. And the very first opportunity to shoot with my brand new camera. -more on this soon.